MARFA #7 : The White Album
MARFA #6 : Beach Babes and a horse by Alexandra Gordienko
MARFA #6 : Ata Kak by Dexter Lander
MARFA #6 : Cuba Tourism by Olaf Jantzon
MARFA #5 : Léa Seydoux by Alexandra Gordienko
MARFA #5 : Lynda Benglis by Rachel Chandler
MARFA #5 : Lily Donaldson by Lea Colombo
MARFA #5 : Gemma Ward by Sean & Seng & Tamara Rothstein
MARFA #5 : André Walker by Jon Ericson
MARFA #5 : Harleth Kuusik by Letty Schmiterlow & Danny Reed
MARFA #5 : Kranium by Rachel Chandler
MARFA #5 : Olympia Scarry by Alexandra Gordienko
MARFA #4: Lana del Rey by Alexandra Gordienko
MARFA #4: Freya Lawrence by Letty Schmiterlow
MARFA #4: Karly Loyce by Sean & Song
MARFA #4: Martha on the beach by Brianna Capozzi
MARFA #4: Larry Flint by Pascal Gambarte
MARFA #4: Omaima Salem by Alexandra Gordienko
MARFA #4: Paz de la Huerta by Alexandra Gordienko
MARFA #4: Ozzy Osbourne by Rachel Chandler

Marfa Journal

Created by Alexandra Gordienko and a tight circle of her friends whilst still at Central Saint Martins in 2013 – MARFA JOURNAL is a collaborative project, presenting an intimate take on the current state of culture. It blends various disciplines of contemporary arts into the format of a hardcover book.

The biannual title is crafting itself a multi-faceted profile with public events and branded t-shirts that are true to the zeitgeist spirit of the magazine.

Marfa Journal’s physical edition mixes raw and personal photography with intimate interviews and extends across 300 pages.